iSmoke Refills - 30 Refills

Our refill cartridges are universally compatible with all iSmoke batteries and starter kits. iSmoke refill cartridges are created by crafting our cutting edge atomizer device and molding it to a smooth single unit that we refer to as Cartomizers (cartridge + atomizer). This technology allows for the ultimate vaping experience as it keeps our flavors fresh and creates a smooth draw to produce the perfect amount of vapor.

iSmoke One Hitter 2 Pack

iSmoke One HitterTM is a powerful and sleek tobacco vaporizer designed for maximum performance.

iSmoke Starter Kit + 15 Refills

iSmoke Starter Kits are rechargeable electronic cigarettes that employ the latest technology in order to deliver a superior consumer experience. From front-end magnet charging to an indicator light on the USB charger, iSmoke Starter Kits are designed around you.

iSmoke BOLT + Spare Battery

iSmoke BoltTM is a revolutionary new product that is 50% smaller than traditional modular devices, without sacrificing power. Utilizing magnet technology, iSmoke BoltTM provides a premium discrete and portable solution for on-the-go vapers.